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All about the Benjamins: The Growth of Walmart

This visualization only looks like the spreading of a horrible plague. It is instead of the growth of Walmart and Sam’s Clubs throughout the United States. Starting in the relatively quiet 1960’s, Walmart added one or two locations a year. The flow accelerates until in 2010 there are 4393 stores studded across an apocalyptic consumerist landscape.

Watch the Growth of Walmart and Sams Club Across America | FlowingData.


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Introducing News Dots – By Chris Wilson – Slate Magazine

From Slate: News Dots. This little Flash-driven app renders the day’s events as a social network.

Like Kevin Bacon’s co-stars, topics in the news are all connected by degrees of separation. To examine how every story fits together, News Dots visualizes the most recent topics in the news as a giant social network. Subjects—represented by the circles below—are connected to one another if they appear together in at least two stories, and the size of the dot is proportional to the total number of times the subject is mentioned.

Introducing News Dots – By Chris Wilson – Slate Magazine.

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IMINT & Analysis: Free Intel Career Webinar

On Thursday, 28 January, at 1100 PST, Professor Edward M. Roche, Ph.D., J.D. will lead a free “Insider’s Guide” webinar on the impact of social networking and virtual worlds on intelligence collection. During the webinar Professor Roche will discuss topics including methods of intelligence gathering and surveillance through social networks, actions being taken by law enforcement and intelligence agencies to monitor and combat terrorism through social networks, and the legal implications of using the Internet as a medium on intelligence gathering.

Register here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/969996819

via IMINT & Analysis: Free Intel Career Webinar.

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Security Jam: Massive online conference

Security & Defence Agenda (SDA), a Brussels-based think tank, is hosting “Security Jam.”

Security Jam is an online conference where thousands of representatives and experts from around the world will provide input into security strategies and analysis of threats to international peace.

The Jam Session is to be open to defence and security specialists and non-specialists alike with the aim of widening the security debate beyond purely military matters. The growing importance of NGOs in security thinking and practice is due to be reflected in the Jam Session’s week-long discussions.

Register at this URL: http://www.eyecone.com/sda/

What is a “jam?” Here’s a video about online jamming, how to find your “myJam” page, bookmarking discussions, etc. Very cool! Watch the video here.

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