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From the dating scene: Democrats Are Doomed

OKCupid continues to be the world’s best dating site, mainly because of their sense of humor and their willingness to play with their data in their analysis blog. Who can forget their article about how best to pose for your profile picture? (Hint: no duck-lips.)

Here they break down the dysfunctional Democratic Party:

Time and again in American politics, Republicans have voted as a unit to frustrate our disorganized Democratic majority. No matter what’s on the table, a few Democrats will peel away from the party core; meanwhile, all Republicans will somehow manage to stay on-message.

Thus, they caucus block us.

Here is your life

The Democrats Are Doomed, or How A ‘Big Tent’ Can Be Too Big « OkTrends.


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Structure and Complexity of the United States Code

Apparently, the United States Code is complex! There is something about this visualization that makes you want to pull out a weed-whacker.

Zoomable visualization

From the posting:

Mike and I have been working on a paper we hope to soon post to the SSRN entitled ” The Structure and Complexity of the United States Code.”  Yesterday, we presented a pre-alpha version of the paper in the Michigan Center for Political Studies Workshop.  The above visualization  For those who might be interested, the abstract for the working abstract for the paper is below. If you are interested in accessing documentation for the above visualization please click here.

via The Structure and Complexity of the United States Code | Computational Legal Studies™.

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