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All about the Benjamins: The Growth of Walmart

This visualization only looks like the spreading of a horrible plague. It is instead of the growth of Walmart and Sam’s Clubs throughout the United States. Starting in the relatively quiet 1960’s, Walmart added one or two locations a year. The flow accelerates until in 2010 there are 4393 stores studded across an apocalyptic consumerist landscape.

Watch the Growth of Walmart and Sams Club Across America | FlowingData.


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Density Mapping in Google Maps

Google API add-on lets you make heat maps inside a Google Map portal!

HeatMapAPI can be used over the Internet or as a .NET DLL that runs in a local environment and allows you to integrate heat map images into Google Maps or other GIS systems.  In this post we’re going to use HeatMapAPI to visualize the density of recent Starbucks store closures.  In a recent statement, Starbucks announced the closure of 600+ stores in the United States due to economic conditions.

In other news, we’d like to thank Starbucks for providing their easily-parsed list of closures. Most visualizations I’ve seen are using this dataset.

via Density Mapping in Google Maps with HeatMapAPI « GeoChalkboard.

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German Immigrants in the USA

A map of the USA showing where bars outnumber grocery stores.

Bars outnumber grocery stores

FloatingSheep, a fun geography blog, looks at the beer belly of America. One maps shows total number of bars, but the interesting map is the one above. Red dots represent locations where there are more bars than grocery stores, based on results from the Google Maps API. The Midwest takes their drinking seriously.


via Where Bars Trump Grocery Stores | FlowingData.

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NNDB: Tracking the entire world

If this doesn’t bring to mind Analyst’s Notebook and Palantir, what would? There have been many web-based link diagrammers released (tracking facebook friends, twitter topics, etc), but this one seems to be usable for generating actual results.

The NNDB Mapper is a visual tool for exploring the connections between people in NNDB, linking them together through family relations, corporate boards, movies and TV, political alliances, and shadowy conspiracy groups. Maps can be saved and shared for others to explore.

You start with a search, say, Lynx Gaede, 1/2 of the Nazi teenie-bopper twin band Prussian Blue. Here is her profile page on NNDB: http://www.nndb.com/people/053/000113711/

Then, click the NNDB Mapper in the top right corner.  http://mapper.nndb.com/start/?id=113711

You get a simple entity link map. Hover the mouse over April Gaede, the stage mom, and in the resulting dropdown, click “Expand 3 Nodes.” Then do the same with National Alliance, and you will see luminaries like Kevin Strom, founder of the National Vanguard.

In this way you can being uncovering connections between people. The database appears to be crowd-sourced, so it gets more useful and complete the more people use it. Neat.

The maps can get complicated. Here’s the New York Times link map.

via NNDB: Tracking the entire world.

While we’re on it, who are Prussian Blue? Here’s the documentary: http://www.archive.org/details/MichielSmit.comPrussionBlueMichielSmit.com

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