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All about the Benjamins: The Growth of Walmart

This visualization only looks like the spreading of a horrible plague. It is instead of the growth of Walmart and Sam’s Clubs throughout the United States. Starting in the relatively quiet 1960’s, Walmart added one or two locations a year. The flow accelerates until in 2010 there are 4393 stores studded across an apocalyptic consumerist landscape.

Watch the Growth of Walmart and Sams Club Across America | FlowingData.


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ClearMaps: Actionscript Data Visualization

From Sunlight Labs:

Despite the recent explosion of web based cartography tools, making effective maps for data visualization remains a challenge. While tools like Google Maps are great for helping navigate the world they are often poorly suited for thematic mapping, as many features like roads and cities only get in the way of telling compelling stories with data. In fact, even the distance between places can be a distraction – who cares how far away Alaska is when the goal is to make a simple comparison between US states?

Here’s the github project so you can play around:

via Sunlight Labs: Blog – ClearMaps: A Mapping Framework for Data Visualization.

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OpenStreetMap and Haiti Relief

Here is a visualization of the efforts of an impromptu crowd community to produce accurate maps of Haiti following the earthquake. Each dot shows a volunteer contribution–and the blue dots show camps of displaced people. An astonishing amount of information, but then, many hands make light work.

via OpenStreetMap Edits Towards Haiti Relief | FlowingData.

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How to Make a Heatmap – a Quick and Easy Solution | FlowingData

Do you have columns of data? Do you have rows of labels? Do you like heat?

You can make a heat map for quick visual analysis of tables! Using R, a free, open source interactive statistics package available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, you can load your .csv data, define some colors, et voila! You find out where teh hotz is.

Sample heat map

What is a heat map, in this implementation? The source article describes it as “a table that has colors in place of numbers. Colors correspond to the level of the measurement. Each column can be a different metric like above, or it can be all the same like this one. It’s useful for finding highs and lows and sometimes, patterns.”

Intelligence analysts and RCMP officers may see a use for this in SLEIPNIR.

via How to Make a Heatmap – a Quick and Easy Solution | FlowingData.

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