Counter-terrorism: data analysis is converging with data visualization

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern explains why counter-terrorism is in “shambles” and the path toward fixing it: (Via the excitable and apparently left-leaning

On the other hand, we seem to be approaching a convergence point between data visualization and data analysis. Univ. of Maryland computer scientist V.S. Subrahmanian is working on a technology to help soldiers figure out where insurgents are hiding their bomb supplies: “Using data from a series of related bombings in Baghdad, [a new analysis system] system was able to predict – within less than a third of a mile in eight out of 14 cases – where explosives caches were actually found.”

And Palantir just added a new post about intelligence integration in its amazing Palantir analysis blog:

Intelligence Integration in Palantir: An Open-Source View of the Afghan Conflict


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